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Spamalot - Lancelot!

Spamalot - Lancelot

Another FABULOUS creation from the Charades wardrobe for Spamalot - the musical!

Our 'Lancelot' surcoat easily rips in two for the big reveal in the second act - exposing Lancelot's... gayer side!

In the words of Herbert... "Move aside your scabbard, for underneath your tabard, there is waiting to escape a butterfly" - and we're sure you'll all agree, Lancelot will... wow in his fluorescent pink chain mail and coat of arms codpiece!

Along with this hilarious quick change costume, Charades can supply a fruit headdress with 'well positioned' banana for Herbert, and a collection of outrageous costumes for the backing dancers. This colourful collection of outlandish garments is sure to bring the house down for one of the funniest numbers in the show!

For more images of our Spamalot wardrobe please visit the Charades gallery.

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