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Spamalot - Props & Accessories

Spamalot shields

After the success of the release of our brand new wardrobe for Spamalot we are delighted to reveal our collection of props and accessories which can also be hired to accompany and complement our fabulous costumes!

We currently have available in stock:

5 - KNIGHT'S SHIELDS (see image above) - Hire charge = £10.00 each

Each shield is produced in strong wood and comes complete with a handle so the performer can carry with ease. The shields are each adorned with a particular coat-of-arms which complement our Knight's surcoats. The shields are (from left to right):

Sir Robin - Emerald green check with black chicken

Sir Galahad - Red St. George cross against a white background

King Arthur - Golden Sun against a white background

Sir Lancelot - Black and white Griffin

Sir Bedevere - Blue and white tree

KNIGHT'S BOOTS (various sizes/colours) - Hire charge = £15.00 each

1 - PATSY'S BACK PACK (see image below) - Hire charge = £30.00

This lovingly crafted back pack is not as heavy as it looks, and it's pretty comfortable for the performer to wear too! Made from materials which lend themselves nicely to the disheveled and earthy garment worn by 'Patsy', this must accessory complements his character perfectly!

If you are interested in hiring any props or accessories to enhance your wardrobe for this smash hit musical, then please contact a member of the Charades team today!

Patsy's back pack

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