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Spamalot - Update

Spamalot - The French Foreign Legionnaire

As the deadline draws closer for our brand new wardrobe of Spamalot the musical to be released, we decided to let you have another sneak peek at what we have in store for this hilarious new comedy!

And here is our 'French Foreign Legionnaire'... We had real fun with this one, mixing different periods in history to create a garment that 'isn't quite right' - well it is Monty Python, after all!

The 'French Foreign Legionnaire' is a small cameo role, but Charades don't believe in cutting corners for chorus costumes... Attention to detail is incredibly important to us, no matter how small the role, or time on stage - and we are sure you'll agree!

If you are interested in hiring our wardrobe for Spamalot then please contact a member of the Charades team today!

Spamalot - The French Foreign Legionnaire

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