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Behind the Scenes at Charades

Reno Sweeney (Anything Goes)

Here's a little look behind the scenes at Charades, and the preparation that goes into making our beautiful costumes!

From the initial designs and choosing of patterns and fabrics, to the cutting table and production of our garments - everyone at Charades works hard to keep you looking sharp in your costumes.

Please feel free to have a look through some of the designs of our costumes below. These beautiful illustrations were produced by one of our team, the super talented Reggie Doherty. All the designs you see have been brought to life by the Commander and Chief, our own leading lady - Betty!

If you have worn one of our garments and would like to commission a beautiful signed print of your costume then please contact Reggie email

©Reggie Doherty / Charades Theatrical Costume Hire. Please do not reproduce without written permission

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