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Spamalot - Update

Spamalot - Herbert

Well, we have all had so much fun designing and creating our new wardrobe for Monty Python's hilarious comedy, Spamalot!

In a way, we're all really sad to have completed this collection of costumes... but, always ones to 'look on the bright side of life' - we can't wait to see them all on stage next week - and a further 6 times next year!!! Really exciting times ahead!

If you are interested in hiring this superb new wardrobe from Charades, please contact a member of the team today! - We're booking up fast!

We have a few last sneak peeks for you then we'll sign off on Spamalot and begin our next brand new wardrobes for Annie and Sister Act - both available from October 2016!

This sneak peek is 'Herbert's' wedding attire... Gotta love this show!!!

Spamalot - Herbert

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