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Welcome to our Chitty Chitty Bang Bang page 

Charades are excited to announce their brand new wardrobe for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang !

Our stunning full wardrobe promises to bring all the colour, glitz and glamour of any West End or Broadway show to the amateur stage!

Our beautiful costumes and headpieces have been produced to the highest standard, each being designed to fit a range of shapes and sizes. We have concentrated on making our costumes bright, colourful, easy-to-wear and visually stunning whilst ensuring that they are easily alterable and hard wearing.

Our wardrobe is available to hire on a per costume basis, and has been seen on stages across the UK since August 2018. We have already taken lots of bookings for 2019 -

so don't miss the opportunity to hire this 'fantasmagorical' wardrobe -

contact a member of the Charades team today on FREEPHONE 0800 470 2133 to reserve your costumes!

We are committed to keeping our customers up-to-date, so an image of each completed costume has been posted here - please keep visiting this page and our Charades Facebook Page for the latest news and releases!

Wardrobe Plot and Prices

Please find below our 'Chitty' Wardrobe Plot, along with our standard Contract / Terms and Conditions which contains a break down of our hire charges:



The Wardrobe

Please find below an image of each costume/hat in our 'Chitty' wardrobe.

We are committed to keeping our customers up-to-date, so an image of each completed costume has been posted here - please keep visiting this page and our Charades Facebook Page for the latest news and releases!

The Gallery
Welcome to the 'Chitty' Gallery.
Please feel free to browse through the on-stage images below of our wardrobe for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Click on the image to enlarge.
(There are 128 images in total)

Romiley Operatic Society

August 2018

Images:  Martin Ogden

Blackpool & Fylde Light Opera Company

September 2018

Images:  CJ Griffiths Photography

The Pantheon Club (Glasgow) Ltd.

October 2018

Images:  The Pantheon Club (Glasgow) Ltd.

Customer Feedback, Reviews & Awards

" I've just got back from costume call and have just collected the most beautiful set of costumes I think I've ever had the privilege to wear. Thank you so much Betty, Gareth and team. I can't wait to wear them next week. "

- Mrs. S. Thewlis, Performer  (Romiley Operatic Society)


" A very big thank you for last night!

Costume call is now an evening to enjoy rather than endure!

The costumes are amazing and the show will look terrific!

You've all worked so hard and should be congratulated. Can't wait for you all to see the show! "

" To Betty, Gareth and the team.

A very big thank you for a fab costume call for Chitty.

Amazing costumes and a superbly smooth afternoon and evening [Delivery].

300 + costumes and they truly look stunning. Thank you and I can't wait to show you how your hard work and our hard work will create "Team Work"! "

- Mrs. D. Carter, Wardrobe Mistress  (Romiley Operatic Society)



The most amazing set of costumes. I cannot recommend Charades highly enough!

Thank you Thank you Thank you! "

" I can't thank you enough, the icing on the cake.

Fantastic costumes from fantastic people with the best service I have ever known! "

- Mrs. T. Harper, Choreographer  (Romiley Operatic Society)


" I'm still blown over by the efficiency of the Charades team last night. Amazing costumes and complete dedication to every cast member looking perfect, whether you will be seen on stage for 30 seconds or 30 minutes! "

- Mrs. J. Sanchez, Performer  (Romiley Operatic Society)


" Costume call tonight was absolutely amazing at Romiley O.S!

So organised and the most beautiful costumes. So much time and effort put in from Betty, Gareth and the team at Charades, and it really does show. It's the icing on the cake of what is going to be a fantastic week at the Stockport Plaza! "

- Mr. G. Jones-McCaw, Performer  (Romiley Operatic Society)


" The costumes for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are absolutely amazing! Thank you SO much to Betty, Gareth and all the team at Charades! "

- Mrs. K. Shaw. Performer  (Romiley Operatic Society)


" ... Stunning costume call.

Thank you for providing our lovely costumes for Chitty !

Excellent company to hire from. "

- Mrs. R. Lloyd, Performer  (Romiley Operatic Society)


" Just had to compliment you all on your Chitty costumes. I went to last night's performance and thoroughly enjoyed it. All the costumes were beautiful and the Child Catcher costume was amazing, so exactly right for the part. I loved the Baroness' seduction outfit too. In fact everyone looked just right. Well done! "

- Mrs. M. Perkins, Audience Member 


" I just wanted to say I went to see Chitty last night and was absolutely blown away by the costumes - Amazing!

Better than the ones in the recent tour in my opinion. The Child Catcher in particular, just wow!

Truly and Potts when they are dressed as the doll and clown, just amazing!

When you watch a film over and over as a child - when you go to see it on stage you have an idea as to what they should look like, and often it disappoints as they can't live up to your childhood memories - But your's are spot on! "

- Mrs. S. Moss, Audience Member


" So I have just collected the most beautiful set of costumes ever. I love how much time and effort you put in for these costumes for us, and the outcome is just fabulous!

Thank you so much Betty and team - I can't wait to wear them in Chitty.

You guys are truly amazing. "

- Mrs. J. Haslam, Performer  (Romiley Operatic Society)


" Charades are simply the best company - design, detail, service and value. Spot on. "

- Mr. N. Townsend, Director

Preliminary Designs

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